The Sparrows are back!

READERS may remember The Scribbler worrying that his sparrows had disappeared from his front garden.

But now he has good news. The sparrows have returned. Gradually, over the last couple of  months, they have started to come back.

In ones and twos, they have begun to populate the bushes and trees in the front garden, and bathe in the gutters at the front of the house.

And gradually, brilliantly, more and more are beginning to arrive. They sit on the roof chatting and then fly down to the pyracantha bush (always their favourite) to congregate.

Once that bush had been  Picadilly Circus of birds, rustling and bustling with movement. Then it fell silent for a long, long spell last year (and not just during the winter). Now the chirping and chirruping is back.

You can stand in the front garden and listen and it is as if some sort of  market is going on around you – full of call and response, birds whirring back and forth on their errands.

It is not just because it is getting warm again, summer has at last arrived and they have all returned from skies afar. Where were they last summer – and the summer before?

It doesn’t matter. They are back now. A simple thing, but it brings a smile to the face.

Welcome back. Stay for a while.

The Scribbler


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4 Responses to The Sparrows are back!

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Tony – we’ve got more sparrows this year too. There’s a growing family with youngsters who seem to be consuming industrial quantities of seed from our feeders. A happy sight!


  2. Nick Szczepanik says:

    For a second there I assumed The Sparrows must have been a mid-1960s Mod band from the Kingston area who were announcing a reunion gig…

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