IT WOULD appear that Kingstonian, The Scribbler’s home town football team, are on the verge of finding a new home, in deepest Chessington.

The proposed ground is on the site of Chessington Golf Centre, which is literally opposite Chessington South station, on Garrison Lane.

K’s chairman Mark Anderson revealed this week that the 130-year-old club has been working alongside developer Affinity Global to prepare plans to build a stadium at the centre.

Golf  Chessington Golf Centre

There has long been speculation that the centre, which is on greenbelt land,was being eyed by a developer to build 700 homes, a swimming pool, leisure centre and football pitch.

Anderson told the Surrey Comet: “It will be the making of the club if we can get it.

“It’s not cut and dry, but it’s the right time to release more information. It’s about putting our stamp on something, it will be our home we hope for the next 100 years.

“We will be able to generate revenue from our own bar, and hiring out the clubhouse. There’s an awful lot of work ahead of us.”

Ks were due to exhibit their plans to supporters this weekend. There has though been opposition from local councillors and others concerned about building on greenbelt land that could be used for affordable housing.

Ks were forced to look for a new stadium after AFC Wimbledon, leaseholders to their current ground at Kingsmeadow, secured planning permission to build a 20,000-seater stadium in Merton.

Wimbledon are now in advanced talks to sell Kingsmeadow to Chelsea, who want to use the stadium for their women’s and youth teams.


Kingsmeadow as it is now

There was always a worry as to where Ks would end up after Kingsmeadow – simply because there is not much space in Kingston for a new football ground.

At least Chessington, if the move comes off, is in the borough – even if it is some way out from Kingston town itself. It is right opposite a station and there are bus routes, but parking looks like it might be limited.

Also, The Scribbler has played golf (very badly) at Chessington, and it is a very hilly course – so there will have to be some pretty major levelling out of the land before a stadium can be put down. There is space though.

What Chessington & Hook United, of the Combined Counties League, whose Chalky Lane ground will virtually back onto the new Ks stadium, think of the matter, will also be interesting.

The Scuffler first started watching Ks at their old Richmond Road ground (now housing). When that was sold they moved briefly to share with Hampton. Now there is a third site for the grand old club.

Watch this space.

The Scribbler

(Photographs copyright Surrey Comet)

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