SO who says suburbia is dull? Who says nothing happens in Berrylands?

All over the national news last week was the story that police had discovered a “forest” of cannabis plants complete with a gazebo a stone’s throw from Berrylands station.

Kingston police found the display of ‘gardening expertise’ growing on unused private land in Lower Marsh Lane after a tip off.

Taking up an area the size of a football pitch (!), more than 150 plants, some more than 5ft tall, were found last Friday.

cannabis 1

Police say the plants, which “looked like a small forest of Christmas trees”, were being removed and destroyed.

PC Sarah Henderson was quoted in the Kingston Guardian as saying: “Whoever set this up used a really remote spot, the only way to get there was a 20 minute walk through wasteland.

“But all their time, trouble and gardening skills will go unrewarded, as the whole lot will now be destroyed by police.”

The plants, some of which towered over the officers, were found in a residential area, a few streets from a university halls of residence.

cannabis police

The plants were growing on unused private land in Lower Marsh Lane. Two sergeants who were called to the scene spoke of their disbelief at the find as they posed for pictures amongst the huge forest and quipped: “Welcome to the leafy suburbs!”

Blimey. In the old days it used to be the whiff of something else completely that drifted over Berrylands from the water treatment works when the wind was in the wrong (or right) direction.

Wondered why everyone had been so relaxed around here lately………

The Scribbler.

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