The Greatest Game Ever…

NOW this probably won’t mean much to some of you – but to those of you that were once 13 year old schoolboys who liked football, this was pure heaven.

Subbuteo cat

It is, of course, a Subbuteo team catalogue. Now who among you did not study that with sheer envy in their eyes when that came out?

Oh how you wanted that Partick Thistle away strip. And while we’re at it, I still haven’t got Ajax yet…or Bradford City.

Oh the joys of the green baize, the ball rolling under the sofa, someone kneeling on your new fence surround. Someone else kneeling on a player. Where’s that Airfix glue?

subbuteo catalogue

Just me then…..

The Scribbler (who flicked to kick).

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4 Responses to The Greatest Game Ever…

  1. Anthony says:

    I came across my Subbuteo Arsenal team some time ago. No idea where it is now; buried somewhere in the detritus of life. From the era of Wilson, Rice, McNab … That dates me! And of course, the great cultural reference comes from the Undertones: Even at the age of ten/ Smart boy Kevin was a smart boy then/ He always beat me at Subbuteo/ Cause he flicked the kick and I didn’t know. All the best, Anthony.


  2. tonybanks59 says:

    Anthony – have another look mate. If it’s still in the original box could be worth a bit. Old Subbuteo stuff goes for a fortune on Ebay these days. Or, of course, we could just have a game! T


  3. Colin says:

    Now that does bring back memories…loved the game but was I the only one that thought the cups were too big!


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